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R&D Team

  We have 6 in house designers, each year we design more than 500 new creative new items. Most of them will launch into tooling and mass production. 

  We also have two Sample Making Room. One for fabric Item. Another is for paper items. 

  Beside normal sample room, we also have a material sample room. Designers can choose the material from our material sample room directly instead of taking tour to visit open market. 

Sourcing Team

    Our sourcing team has 10 stuffs, three soucing office located in different city in China,  products sourcing from ceramic, metal, wood to fabric items.  With more than 15 years sourcing experience  on the  supermarket L ike Target, Wal-Mart etc, we have strong capacity on sourcing. 

    Final finished products are not only the sourcing objective, we also sourcing the material and semi-products. With own factories' cooperation, the products range becoming very wide and prospective.   

    All the out-sourced material or finished products will be inspected routinely.  


  • Service hotline: 0577-68088081

  • Address: No. 19-133 Cengdong Road, Longgang, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China

  • Tele: +86 0577-68088085

  • E-mail: mark@shenggaogift.com

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